Buying Guide to Cheap Road Bikes-7 Best Cheap Road Bikes

It’s important that you are clear about the need for your having a road bike before you decide to buy your best cheap road bike. Knowing the answers to questions like if you’re going to own a bike for the first time, you need this bike for daily commuting , or you are planning on to use your bike for the purpose of road racing would make your bike search much easier. Or else you may end up paying more for your cheap road bikes than your expectation and budget.

Why Buying Your road bike online? Well, that’s not the only choice, you can also buy from your area bike shop. But the odd is most bike shops will charge you more than what you would have paid online for your desired cheap road bikes. Reasons could be your neighborhood stores may have more overhead expenses in maintaining their stores as compared to online stores, or something else. However, the bottom- line is buying online is cheaper. And buying from an online giant like Amazon is safer too. However, before you get flooded with more details, we’ll put below a list of 7 Best Cheap Road Bikes in case you may want to take a sneak peek at them.

Road Bikes Reviews: A List of 7 Best Cheap Road Bikes

Image Cheap Road BikesKey FeaturesReviews & Rating
schwinn preludeSchwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle

Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle Review
•Drop Handlebar Aluminum Frame
•Schwinn Road Fork
•A050 Road Shifters
•Dual Pivot Type Road Brakes
216 Amazon Customer Reviews & a 3.9 rating

cheap road bikes
Vilano ShadowVilano Shadow Road Bike

Vilano Shadow Road Bike-Shimano STI Integrated Shifters Review
•STI Integrated shifters
•Threadless 700c Fork
•Alloy Caliper Dual Pivot Brakes
•Shimano Front & Rear Derailleur
124 Amazon Customer Reviews & 3.8 rating

cheap road bikes
Vilano Aluminum Road BikeVilano Aluminum Road Bike

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano
•Unbelievably Lightweight
•Reliable Drivetrain
•Color & Size Options
•Super Shock-absorbent Steel Forks
330 Amazon Customer Reviews & 3.6 rating

cheap road bikes
Vilano FORZAVilano FORZA 4.0 Road Bikes
•STI Integrated shifters by Shimano
•Double butted aluminum frame
•700C steel fork

56 Amazon Customer Reviews & 4.0 rating

cheap road bikes
schwinn road bike reviewSchwinn Phocus 1600

Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men’s Road Bike Review
•Schwinn Aluminum Frame
•Carbon Fiber Fork
•STI Integrated Shifters
•Promax Brakes
75 Amazon Customer Reviews & 4.4 rating

cheap road bikes
Kestrel Legend ShimanoKestrel Bike Shimano 105

Kestrel Bike-Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 Bicycle Review
•EMH Carbon fiber construction
•780gm Ultra light Frame
•EPS Foam in Fork for better compaction
•Aggressive Geometry for Advanced Aerodynamics
11 Amazon Customer Reviews & 4.6 rating

cheap road bikes
takara kabutoTakara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike Review
•Flip-flop Hub Technology
•Simple yet Durable Construction
•Stylish and Stunningly colorful Look
•Options of two Frame sizes
420 Amazon Customer Reviews & 4.0 rating

cheap road bikes

Now that we agreed that buying a road bike online is more convenient , the next question arises is how to decide which bike to order given the endless bike brands list. Apart from the bike brands, materials, designs, looks, components, prices, and performance are factors that need to be considered. All these parameters can be really confusing, especially for first time or inexperienced buyers. This buying guide addresses all these to make your cheap road bikes buying  job a breeze. We’ll walk you through towards your goal as all the steps of this guide get unfolded.

Summary of 7 Best Cheap Road Bikes:

The following are the short summary for the 7 Best cheap road bikes reviewed in the above table for readers whose tight schedule may not permit them to read the full road bike reviews. The summaries though apparently short, are long enough to provide the readers with the highlights of each individual road bike review so they can get a brief idea of their cheap road bikes.

Summary of Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle Review:

schwinn preludeThis summary of the captioned road bike review of Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle(BB White) will give our readers the important highlights of this Schwinn road bike. Manufactured by Schwinn, one of the popular bike brands made in USA that has an international presence and reputation, this Schwinn prelude is a cheap road bike with some important features that are generally not found in cheap road bikes.

This 14-speed road bike is ideal for road racing, daily commuting, evening recreation, or even fulfilling your fitness needs. Though it’s an entry level road bike, more advanced riders will find it useful too. It comes with Schwinn drop handlebar aluminum frame and Schwinn fork that can challenge rough road conditions due to its great absorbency power. This Schwinn prelude review finds the following features of this Schwinn bicycle significant.

 Highlights of Schwinn prelude:

  • Drop Handlebar Aluminum Frame of Schwinn’s Own
  • Schwinn Road Fork Capable of Taking Any Road Challenge
  • Shimano Drivetrain Featuring 14-Speed
  • A050 Road Shifters
  • Alloy Wheels of 700c Size
  • Dual Pivot Type Road Brakes
  • Schwinn Padded Saddle
  • Easy Assembly
  • Easy Maneuverability due to its Lightweight
  • One of the best road bike brands
  • Affordability

Cons Detected by Schwinn Prelude Review:

  • Only one Frame Size
  • Brakes are not up to the mark


216 road bike reviews by Amazon customers and a 3.9 rating out of a 5-star speak a lot about this bike. Many regard this Schwinn bike as the best cheap road bike having considered its performance, riding comfort, speed, and affordability. If you want size options in a 14 speed bike like this Schwinn prelude, you may check out Vilano shadow.

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Summary of Vilano Shadow Road Bike-Shimano STI Review:

cheap road bikesThis is the summary of the titled road bike review on Vilano Shadow Road Bike. The summary will supply the readers with the highlights of the full vilano shadow review that they will be able to read somewhere else on the site if their schedule permits. Vilano, one of the well-known bike brands made in USA is the maker of this vilano shadow. This vilano shadow road bike, a 14 speed bike, belongs to the best budget road bike class among cheap road bikes.

This vilano road bike features Shimano Total Integration (STI), a system that integrates the brake and shift levers so the riders can enjoy hands-free shifting when situation demands. This cheap road bike is a multi-purpose bike that can serve the purpose of daily commuting, fitness, and club riding. We’ll see below the main features of this best value road bike.

 Highlights of Vilano Shadow:

  • STI Integrated shifters
  • Threadless 700c Fork
  • Alloy Caliper Dual Pivot Brakes
  • Alloy Double Crankset
  • Shimano Front & Rear Derailleur
  • 700c X 25c Tires
  • 3 Frame sizes
  • Easy Vilano Shadow Assembly
  • From Bike Brands Made in USA

Cons Detected by Vilano Bike Review:

  • The saddle is uncomfortable
  • Derailleur gear is not up to the mark


To decide whether you should buy this vilano shadow road bike, belonging to the class of cheap road bikes, you should consider 124 road bike reviews by Amazon customers and a 3.8 rating out of a 5-star in addition to this vilano shadow road bike review. This vilano bike can be your best road bike for the money considering its performance and the amount you pay for it. You may also like to read the bike review on Schwinn prelude, which is a 14 speed bike with single frame size.

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Summary of Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano:

cheap road bikes This summary is intended to give our readers the highlights of the full road bike review on the above-captioned Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano. This Shimano bike review will briefly inform the readers of the essentials of this Vilano aluminum road bike, one of the much sought-after cheap road bikes. Made by vilano, one of the best road bike brands of USA, this vilano road bike is a beginner road bike that even experienced riders will  be proud of owning.

Featuring 6061 aluminum frame, this Vilano tuono surprisingly weighs only 24 lbs. It is equipped with Shimano A050 shifters and an integrated headset. This Shimano bike offers the riders the flexibility of choosing their bikes from multiple colors and frame sizes. Let’s see below the key features of this best cheap road bike.

Highlights of Shimano Bike Review:

  • Unbelievably Lightweight
  • Reliable Drivetrain
  • Steel Forks that are Super Shock-absorbent
  • Color & Size Options
  • Affordability
  • From Best Road Racing Bike Brands
  • Super Easy Assembly
  • Awesome Customer Service

Cons Found by Shimano Bike Review:

  • Tires are not that good
  • The seat is not up to the mark


330 road bike reviews on the Amazon with a 3.6 rating out of 5-star is certainly worth considering. This bike review can’t disagree with them with regard to rating this 21 speed bike as one of the best cheap road bikes for beginners. You might like to read a review on another Shimano bike Vilano Forza 4.0 that offers 24 speed alongside this Shimano bike review.

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Summary of Vilano FORZA 4.0 Aluminum Road Bike Review:

vilano forza 4.0This is the summary of the full bike review on the titled Vilano Forza 4.0 aluminum road bike for the busy readers who don’t have sufficient time to read our bike reviews in their entirity. These short but informative reviews will be useful to them we believe. Vilano, one of the best road cycling bike brands is the manufacturer of this Vilano Forza 4.0.

This Vilano road bike is one of the best road bikes for beginners featuring Shimano STI shifters, double butted 6061 aluminum frame and 700C steel fork fit to take on the roughest of road conditions. This lightweight but sturdy Vilano bike is equally functional for commuting, group rides, bicycle racing, triathlon, fitness and recreational rides. We’ll see below its key features.

Highlights of Vilano Forza 4.0 Review:

  • STI Integrated shifters by Shimano
  • Double butted aluminum frame
  • 700C steel fork
  • Alloy crank-set 170mm
  • Super Maneuverability due to lightweight
  • 24-speed
  • From Bike brands made in USA
  • Best beginner road bike

Cons of Vilano Forza 4.0 Detected by this Review:

  • The saddle is uncomfortable


Is this cheap road bike worth your investment? Well, basing on the pros and cons, the answer should be positive. This bike receives a lot of compliments from all bike reviews. Many consider it the best road bike for the money. You may like to read the 56 road bike reviews by Amazon customers and a 4.0 rating out of a 5-star to see for yourself what they’re talking abut this Vilano Forza 4.0, one of the popular cheap road bikes.

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Summary of Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men’s Road Bike Review:

schwinn phocus 1600This is the summary of the above bike review titled Schwinn phocus 1600 Men’s Road Bike Review. This brief but long enough review of Schwinn phocus 1600 will give our busy readers the required feature highlights of the full review, which they may not have time to read. This best beginner road bike is the creation of famous Schwinn , one of the bike brands made in USA.

This Schwinn phocus, is one of the entry level road bikes under 500 that can serve even  more advanced purposes of a rider such as training, fitness, and group rides. This Schwinn bike is armed with 16 speed  Shimano Claris Derailleur with integrated shifters, Carbon fiber fork, and lightweight aluminum frame. Let’s see underneath what features this Schwinn phocus 1600 road bicycle has to offer.

Highlights of Schwinn phocus 1600 Review:

  • Lightweight Schwinn Aluminum Frame
  • Carbon Fiber Fork
  • STI Integrated Shifters
  • Promax Brakes
  • Superior grade Wheel-set
  • Best Road bike brands under 500
  • From one of the bike brands made in USA

Cons of Schwinn Phocus:

  • No option for frame sizes
  • Pedal Straps not up to the mark


One of the best cheap road bikes for beginners, this Schwinn bicycle deserves to be included in the road bike reviews 2016 on cheap road bikes. It’s hard to find a beginner road bike for this price and with all these great features. Most definitely 75 bicycle reviews by Amazon customers and a 4.4 rating uphold a positive image of this Schwinn phocus 1600.

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Summary of Kestrel Bike-Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 Bicycle Review:

kestrel bikeThis summary of the above bike review titled Kestrel Bike-Kestrel Legend shimano 105 Bicycle Review will inform our loyal readers with a busy schedule of the review highlights of this kestrel legend. Kestrel , one of the prestigious bike brands made in USA is the creator of this kestrel bike. Kestrel is the bicycle brand that pioneered pure carbon frame in 1986 and they are also the very bike brand that introduced the first carbon fiber fork to the world.

Unlike ordinary cheap road bikes, this kestrel legend is a top-notch road racing bike that provides both performance and comfort at the same time, not one at the cost of another. Weighing only11 lbs, this kestrel legend 105 features carbon fiber lightest ever frame and aggressive geometry for advanced aerodynamics. Components of kestrel bikes are from top bike brands like Tune, SRAM, Prologo, and Reynolds. The following are the main features of this best road bike under 2000.

Highlights of Kestrel Bike Review:

  • EMH Carbon fiber construction
  • 780gm Ultra light Frame
  • EPS Foam in Fork for better compaction of Carbon Fiber
  • Aggressive Geometry for Advanced Aerodynamics
  • Unique Kestrel H-Stays
  • Availability of size options
  • From one of the best road racing bike brands of USA

Cons Detected by kestrel bike review:

  • A bit pricey, which is expected of a best road bike like this


Without the inclusion of this kestrel bike review, our road bike reviews 2016 would not be complete, we believe. Components, design, construction, and performance make this high-end bike stand out from the crowd of cheap road bikes. Please check out the 4.6 rating and 11 bicycle reviews by Amazon customers alongside reading our bike review to see if this kestrel road bike is worth your consideration. You may also like to examine this cheap road bike with carbon fiber fork alongside this high-end kestrel bike.

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Summary of Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike Review:

takara kabutoThis is the summary of the above bike review captioned Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike Review. This is to provide the readers with the full review highlights on Takara kabuto, a single speed road bike manufactured by Kent International, one of the reputable bike brands made in USA. It’s almost impossible to give the readers a list of cheap road bikes excluding this Takara bike belonging to the best road bikes 2016 category.

This Entry level road bike under 300 is good for commuting to school, work place, or getting around your neighborhood or the city just  for fun. This eye-catching Takara road bike with a superb color scheme features steel frame and fork for sturdiness and durability. It also gives the riders a single speed bike conversion by way of a mechanism known as Flip-flop hub that facilitates switching between freewheel and a fixed-gear option. Let’s check out the important features of this Takara kabuto 700C, a beginner road bike.

Highlights of Takara kabuto Review:

  • Flip-flop Hub Technology
  • Simple yet Durable Construction
  • Stylish and Stunningly colorful Look
  • Affordability
  • Options of two Frame sizes

Cons discovered by Takara kabuto review:

  • Below the mark inner tubes
  • Brakes not up to the mark

Conclusion :

This Takara kabuto single speed road bike is considered to be one of the best cheap road bikes depending upon its design, look, durability, and performance. We would like our readers to examine the 420 bicycle reviews on this Takara bike along with a 4.0 rating on a scale of 5. Evidently, they will get to know what this fuss is all about this Takara kabuto from one of the best road bike brands 2016 known for making cheap road bikes with quality components.

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What to Consider When Buying Your Cheap Road Bikes:

Whether you need a single speed road bike  for getting around the city or you are looking for a multi-gear all-purpose bike for road racing and other advanced functions, some must-have features and parameters remain the same. You must not compromise on these while picking your cheap road  bikes.

It’s an undeniable fact that expensive components will give you better performance and durability. However, these days, the market being highly competitive, you can expect affordable road bikes with better quality components from some best road racing bike brands. To buy such cheap road bikes at an affordable price, all you need is comparison shopping and little smartness.

The following are the features and components you will be required to look for in your bike regardless of bike brands. One thing is to be noted here is you may have options in choosing from a particular component type or material. Nothing is absolutely good or bad there. You may have to choose the one that best suits your cycling purpose and situations.

 Frames of Your Cheap Road Bikes:

cheap road bike

The frame is considered to be one of the most vital components of a bike. In fact, the frame is the foundation of a bike that carries the weight of all other components of it including the wheels. This frame of a bicycle should ideally be sturdy and lightweight to ensure riding comfort and speed for the rider . Typically, the frames of cheap road bikes are made out of Aluminum or Steel while  more expensive bikes may have Titanium or Carbon Fiber frames. Sometimes a cheap road bike with aluminum or steel frame may have carbon fiber forks.

Aluminum is popular as a bike frame material as it’s lightweight and cheap while a steel frame bike  is a bit heavier than an aluminum frame one. A steel frame is more long-lasting than aluminum and provides a safer and more comfortable ride.

In case of an accident, an aluminum frame may get damaged beyond repair while a steel frame can be easily repaired. A steel frame can serve even a lifetime if properly maintained. Therefore, you have to decide based on the Pros and Cons of Aluminum and Steel as a Frame Material.

 Forks of Your Cheap Road Bikes:

cheap road bikes

The fork of a bicycle is responsible for holding the front wheel. It comprises of two blades that are put together by a fork crown at the top. A steerer tube, above the crown, joins the fork to the bike and the handlebars through a stem to enable the rider to steer the bike. Carbon fiber forks  are the  preferred kind for road bikes as they are lightweight and can reduce surface vibrations of the roadways due to their absorption power. Forks can also be made out of aluminum, magnesium, steel, and titanium or even a combination of more than one of the materials.

 Wheelsets of Your Cheap Road Bikes:

beginner road bike

Even some best road bikes sometimes come with ordinary wheels. So if you’re considering a cheap road bike, you have to be careful about the wheel quality as wheel quality is often compromised in cheap road bikes. Beefy type wheels get along fine with everyday casual riding and even in adverse road conditions while aerodynamic type is a better choice if you are a selective roadie.

Performance and durability are two main factors you need to keep in mind when you are thinking of the wheelsets of your affordable road bikes.

Groupsets of Your Cheap Road Bikes:

cheap road bike

A groupset of a road bike normally includes all other parts or components of the bike except the frame, fork, wheels, tires, stem, handlebars, and saddles. Typically gear levers, brake levers, front and rear brakes, front and rear derailleurs, crankset, bottom bracket, chain, and cogset are integral parts of a groupset.  Normally you won’t find a complete groupset comprising all the components together. Rather you will see a groupset combined with components manufactured by different bike brands or manufacturers. Therefore, you can choose the components type for your bike. Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo are some of the best names when it comes to groupsets. One more thing to point out here is you always have a chance to upgrade a component of the groupset in your bike.So please be informed that an upgrading in your groupset is very likely in your cheap road bikes.

Sizing of Your Cheap Road Bikes:

Appropriate size of the bike is an important factor for the rider. A  Perfect fitting  ensures comfortable riding and reduces the chances of any bodily harms or injuries. There is no use of paying money for a bike that doesn’t fit you comfortably. Therefore, make sure to choose your bike from bike brands that offer different frame sizes. These days, all the best road bike brands offer you this flexibility with sizes even with cheap road bikes.

Apart from the frame size, the height of the saddle and handlebar, and the position of the cleat including some other adjustments are necessary for a perfectly fitting bike. Therefore, it’s suggested that you have your bike assembled and fine tuned by your area bike shop for the first time around to avoid such odds. If you are not confident enough that you can handle the situation expertly, or you don’t have the right tools handy to do the assembly and right adjustments then it’s worth spending a little amount of money to get it done to get the most out of your cheap road bikes.

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